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Monad International | Here Are The 5 Richest Characters In The Marvel Universe
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Here Are The 5 Richest Characters In The Marvel Universe

Here Are The 5 Richest Characters In The Marvel Universe

A Financial World Only We Can Dream Of

The icon and the legend Stan Lee has created a world of supers that has transcended and influenced pop culture throughout generations. To give an homage to the great Stan Lee, SmartFinance is breaking down Marvel’s filthiest and richest characters to have ever existed in the comics and MCU. Get your financial calculators and dashboards ready as we venture down comic lane to check out the contenders.


He has a face of green and a wallet filled with green. Norman Osborn is the son of wealthy industrialist Amberson Osborn. Amberson, a brilliant student in the fields of science, started indulging himself in alcoholism after losing control of his manufacturing company and his fortune, and became physically abusive toward his family. Due to this abusive behaviour, his son Norman was already mentally unhinged and had homicidal tendencies at a young age.

Normon Osborn studied chemistry, business administration, and electrical engineering. In his adulthood, alongside his college professor Mendel Stromm, he co-founded the chemical company also known as Oscorp Industries and establishes himself as CEO and President. The company was hugely successful, and Norman re-gained the wealth that he had lost during his childhood. However, his wife becomes ill and dies.

Eager to have full control over his company Oscorp Industries, Norman accused Stromm of embezzlement which had his partner arrested and his shares in the company sold to him. Searching his former mentor’s possessions, Norman discovers an experimental strength/intelligence enhancement formula, but in attempting to create the serum, it turns green and explodes in his face. Through this accident the Green Goblin was born, with an increases in his intelligence and physical abilities as intended, the serum all but also had the side-effect of driving him insane.

It is through this insanity that he developed the dual identity of the Green Goblin, all the while building his Empire, Oscorp. Oscorp grew in influence and wealth, becoming an economic force along the lines of Stark or Roxxon.


In this time and age, it’s hard not to have heard about the amazing iron man and the avengers due to the greatly successful Marvel movies and the almost perfect portrayal of this character by Robert Downey Jr.

Tony Stark began under his father’s shadow Howard Stark. Howard Stark was an industrialist and inventor making several fortunes in heavy engineering, aerospace, military contracts and various other fields. It is after taking over the family business that Tony inherited his father’s legacy and continued building the scope of the company very quickly. With his genius intellect both in business and technology, Stark Industries rose up the the very top of the business world.

However, mid-way through his carreer. Tony was wounded by a terrorist attack when he was inspecting foreign soil. There were shrapnels lodged deep into his chest and he was forced to build a special chest plate to regulate his heart and keep him alive. Forced to build weapons, he instead built his first Iron Man armored suit. From there, he began to develop more and more sophisticated devices, often reverse engineering them to develop consumer technologies.

In a way, Tony Stark is basically a fictionalized version of Elon Musk and Bill Gates. He is able to develop new inventions to meet consumer needs before people even realize they need them. His only limit is his imagination, and so far his imagination is utterly without limits.


This is one man with such a genius mind accompanied by a burning ambition. Sounds like someone to look up to right? Only thing is, he has no ethics of sorts whatsoever. Victor Von Doom or as most call him Dr Doom, believes himself to be vastly superior to the rest of mankind. Given that he has conquered the world on occasion, he may well be right.

Born with an incredible mind, Victor Von Doom is a genius matched only by hihs arch nemesis Reed Richards (Mr Fantastic). His wealth however comes from his ownership of all the assets of a small country called Latveria. He has a fortune in art, real estate, and many assorted assets. He also indulges himself in finance and has a vast personal fortune. I’m betting you as well he has a great many of financial planners *jokes

It is with his status as a foreign dignitary that grants him diplomatic immunity and his assets untouchable by foreign powers.

While different than someone whom owns a large corporate empire, Victor Von Doom has the total GDP of a country the size of Serbia at his disposal. Given that his own people fear him greatly, it’s unlikely that they will rebel should he raise taxes any time soon.


The direct counterpart to DC’s Aqua Man. Namor the Sub-Mariner rules the world’s oceans in the Marvel Universe. Due to the fact that the ocean covers up more than 70 percent of the Earth, that must mean that Namor also has much control over it’s resoruces making him filthy rich. He is also the owner of the company Oracle Inc.

While Namor isn’t keen to exploit the various fossil fuels he technically owns, the ocean still grant him a vast fortune. Through thousands of years of shipwrecks, he has gathered much treasure in gold. He also has the resources of Atlantis itself. Yes Atlantis exist’s here.

Given his vast power and influence, he could easily be the richest individual on the planet. Assuming of course that there wasn’t a man who owned 100% of the most valuable substance on the planet like…


The King of Wakanda. T’Challa has Tony Stark on the run for being the best “genius, billionaire, playboy, philantropist”. He owns the mantle of The Black Panther and protects his country of Wakanda from any intruding forces.

What makes Wakanda such a wealthy nation lies in their secret reserves of the most valube substance on the planet called Vibranium. Their reserves of vibranium are literally mountains and it is worth trillions as it is the most versatile and expensive substance on earth. The material is practically ubreakable and absorbs energy.

Through generations, Wakanda has sold small amounts to the outside world in order to finance their nation. They are secretly the most advanced country on earth as well.

Besides being the King of the Wakanda, T’Challa is one of the smartest men on the planet. It is hard to imagine what this person isn’t capable of achieving.

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