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Monad International | 10 Malaysians on their biggest financial regrets
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10 Malaysians on their biggest financial regrets

10 Malaysians on their biggest financial regrets

Is one of your regrets on this list?

We asked everyday Malaysians their biggest Financial regrets. Here, 10 Malaysians share their biggest regrets from not investing, to making unnecessary purchases. Read their answers below or share your story here.

1. Not saving for study. 😱👨🏽‍🏫

“Millenial entitlement mindset of expecting a free education. Hence, not saving up at all for Uni. Still, want that degree though.”

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2. Not putting enough time into investments. 🙅🏽‍♂️⌛️

“Learning to invest and actually investing requires ACTION. At one point I wish I had put in more money on investments which gives better returns”

3. Thinking investing required a lot of money. 💰🤪

“Not starting on investing earlier thinking it requires a lot of money.”

4. Donating too much to charity.🤦🏻‍♂️ 🤷🏻‍♀️

“I donated a few hundred/thousand to charity. Not sure how much it was. On hindsight, I would have done more benefit to the world to have saved it on personal development.”

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5. Not taking advice. 🤯😬

“Never hear parents advice about property early on and being ignorant of it.”

6. Not doing research when travelling.🌎✈️

“Not saving enough money for my internship. Didn’t realise we were going to order lunch every day.”

7. Buying a Brand new car. 🚘💸

“Getting that new car as my first car moon years back”

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8. Not taking advantage of compound interest.👛🤑

“Not starting a set savings amount much earlier and taking advantage of compounding”

9. Going to events.💃 🕺

“Paying loads of money for courses which I didn’t do a background check of the speaker.”

10. Not setting aside income. 😶 🙄

“Not starting the habit of setting aside 50% income for investment two decades ago.”

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