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Monad International | The Mastermind of the Black Belt Millionaire gave us a lesson in Personal Finance
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The Mastermind of the Black Belt Millionaire gave us a lesson in Personal Finance

The Mastermind of the Black Belt Millionaire gave us a lesson in Personal Finance

We recently got in touch with Raymond and he gave us a few tips on how we can successfully plan our finances. Scroll down and check them out!

1. How did you get started on educating people on personal finance?

I used to have problems with money especially on spending more than what I earned. That caused me to have huge debt. After years of clearing my debt, I started to explore was I can manage my money better & grow it.
From there I never looked back: sharing my knowledge amongst my friend & family, I started a Secret Ninja Project aka my blog called Black Belt Millionaire. I actually hid this from many people. I don’t think many people know that I’m the mastermind behind this Secret Ninja Project.

2. How did you personally get interested in personal finance as a topic and why?

It goes back on my bad experience of managing money when I was younger. Those bad experience made me want to manage my money better & I started to read more books & learn how to grow my money.

3. Personal finance can be a boring topic. When creating your content, how do you keep the topic of personal finance interesting?

I agree. It’s really boring. In BBM, I try to bring some elements of fun by adding some gif & memes to ensure readers are not bored with the content & I do try to keep it entertaining as well.

4. Is there a particular website/platform you like to visit for financial advice?

Aside from Black Belt Millionaire, I recommend Ringgit Oh Ringgit, Mr Stingy, Dividend Magic. Or you can check out my recommended list here:


5. What is the number 1 tip you tell your audience when they want to start managing their finances?

Be Frugal, Not Cheap

6. Can you give me an example of a time in your life where you struggled with money?

I remembered my credit card debt was so bad that I can’t apply for a new card for 2 years. That was contributed by buying what I can’t afford such as an iPhone, holiday trips, expensive food & branded stuff.

7. What book or movie is a must for someone who wants to learn more about personal financing?

Money by Tony Robbins & Automatic Millionaire by Richard Bach

8. What is something that you were sceptical about when it came to your personal finance but ended up working anyways?

Compouding Interest. I remembered my ex’s mutual fund agent used to explain to me about it but I was so sceptical about it until I experienced for it myself.

9. What is the best advice ever you got for your own personal finance?

Pay yourself before you pay others

10. Would you rather be good or lucky and why?

Good. I don’t believe in luck.
I think that we are able to do whatever we wish to do. It’s all in our mind.

11. What else are you working on now?

I’m looking to grow my blog by having other side projects that I will be revealing really soon 🙂

In addition …

Why do you think some people are lazy with the way they manage funds?

I don’t think they are lazy. It could be because they see the value of money differently.

Do you believe the younger generation these days financially illiterate? And why?

I can’t give a general answer for this because there are many different individuals in this world.

I’ve met some younger generations and they can manage their money better than the older generation.

It depends on their mindset & how they look at money.

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